Custom Branded Windscreens

The Soft Blimp is designed as a slip-on windscreen with a synthetic fur cover for most tubular style microphones. Whether it is boom mic or an onboard camera mic, we have a Soft Blimp suitable for it.

The Soft Blimp is available in 3 different internal hole sizes: 18mm, 21mm and 24mm. A 29mm internal hole size is available on special request. Lengths range from 5cm to 32 cm. Please see the provided size chart to find the right Soft Blimp for you.

For mounting solutions, click here to read about our Universal Shockmount.

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Soft Blimp Size Chart

Make Microphone Order Code
AKG C522 N/A
AKG C568EB SB1821
AKG CK1, CK61 & CK63 C460B SB0521
AKG CK68/69ULS C460B Reduced SB1821
AKG CK68/69ULS C460B FULL SB3221
AKG CK8 451 SB2418
AKG CK8 460 SB2421
AKG CK91/92/93 SE300B SB0521
AKG CK98 SE300B SB2418
Audio Technica AT4071a SB2921
Audio Technica AT4071AL N/A
Audio Technica AT4073 SB1221
Audio Technica AT815b SB3221
Audio Technica AT815ST SB2921
Audio Technica AT825/AT822 N/A
Audio Technica AT 835b SB2421
Audio Technica AT 835ST SB1421
Audio Technica AT877 SB1221
Azden SG(M)-1X SB1821
Azden SG(M)-2X (OMNI) SB0521
Azden SG(M)-2X (CARDIOID) SB2421
Beyer MC716 & MC 726 SB1818
Beyer MC736 & MC 836 SB1821
Beyer MCE 86 N (C) S & MCE87 SB1824
JVC M510 SB2421
JVC MK50 SB2921
Make Microphone Order Code
Neumann KMR81 SB1421
Neumann KMR82 SB2921
Neumann KM100 SERIES SB0521
Neumann KM184 SB0521
Neumann RSM 191 SB1829
Pearl MS8CL, MSH10 N/A
Rode NT1 SB1421
Rode NT2 SB1422
Sanken CS-1 SB1418
Sanken CS-3 SB1818
Schoeps CMC SERIES SB0518
Schoeps CMIT 5U SB1221
Schoeps CMC SERIES + CUT 1 SB0518
Sennheiser ME 62 K6 & ME 64 K6 SB0521
Sennheiser ME66 K6 SB1821
Sennheiser ME67 K6 SB2921
Sennheiser ME80K3U SB1818
Sennheiser MKH20, 40 OR 50 SB0524
Sennheiser MKH 60 SB1824
Sennheiser MKH 70 SB2924
Sennheiser MKH 406, MKH 416, MKH 418S SB0518
Sennheiser MKH 816 N/A
Shure SM89 N/A
Sony ECM 670 SB1821
Sony ECM672 SB1824

Camera Mounted Soft Blimp

Camera Manfacturer Camera Model Order Code
Canon XL-1, XL-1S SB1024
Ikegami HL DNS-201W SB1221
Ikegami HL DV-7W, HLV 77 SB1221
Ikegami HL V55, HL V59 SB1218
Ikegami MC 230 SB1221
JVC DY-700 SB1821
JVC DY-500 SB1018
JVC MV-P615U SB1021
Panasonic AJD-700, AJD-800 SB1221
Panasonic AJD-910 SB1221
Panasonic DVC-200 DV-200 SB1218
Panasonic WML-30 SB1421
Sony BVP 5, BVP 7 SB1224
Sony BVP 537 SB1824
Sony BVP 550 SB1218
Sony BVP 570, BVP 950 SB1221
Sony BVW Series SB1224
Camera Manfacturer Camera Model Order Code
Sony DNW 7 SB1024
Sony DNW 790 SB1024
Sony DNW 9-NSP SB1024
Sony DNW 90P, DNW 90SX SB1024
Sony DNW 90WSP SB1024
Sony DSR 130P/200/300 SB1221
Sony DSR 250 SB1221
Sony DSR PD-150 SB1221
Sony DVW 600 SB1024
Sony DVW 700P/707/709 SB1024
Sony DVW 700 WSP SB1024
Sony DVW 400 SB1024
Sony DXC 637 SB1421
Sony DXC D30P SB1221
Sony HD 905P SB1024
Sony UVW 100 SB1218

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