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Audio Limited RFs

Audio Limited offers a range of wireless microphone systems designed to deliver peerless quality in all operating conditions.  Their innovation has kept them a leader in RF technologies, and their products are the choice of sound professionals at all levels of film and television production worldwide.

Audio Limited’s RMS2040 range of radio microphone systems delivers broadcast quality audio.  The all-new design incorporates the latest advanced technology to enhance multi-channel operation with a switching bandwidth of up to 24MHz and 32 pre-programmed frequencies.  The DX2040 receiver has Audio Limited’s unique infrared interface allowing the user to set all parameters via the SwitchiR, a keyfob-sized remote control unit. Additionally, scanning with signal strength on location is possible through AudiR for Palm. These features are normally only found on mains powered studio based rack systems.

Specifically designed for ENG use, Audio Limited’s Envoy system makes rival systems look like yesterday’s news. The system sports a range of features that far exceed those of any similar ENG product.  The smallest true diversity receiver in the world, CXiR eliminates all mechanical switching by utilising an infrared remote control. It is designed to slot neatly into the latest digital cameras including Sony SX, Philips LDK120, Panasonic and Ikegami HLV77.  Once fitted to a camera, LED indicators allow you to determine the status of the receiver. No more losing important news stories because of unexpected signal loss. You can always see if you have a signal and enough TX battery power.  It also features 32 switchable UHF frequency channels, all settable from the SwitchiR infrared remote. This ensures that you’ll always have a greater chance of finding a channel that is free from local interference.  You can even use the CXiR as a stand-alone receiver by employing a six pin Lemo™ adapter, which can be used with those cameras that don’t have a dedicated slot for a receiver.  The Envoy system employs the same acclaimed technology as Audio products designed for location sound recording applications. As such, it is undoubtedly the most advanced, most reliable ENG system money can buy.

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