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Katamount Kat-66 Lavaliere Microphone

The Kat-66 is a miniature lavaliere microphone specifically designed for the professional sound recording engineer.  The tiny capsule features minimum sound coloration and is easily combined with boom microphones during post production.

With its wide frequency response and smooth omnidirectional pattern, the Kat-66 is the obvious choice of the professional for film, television and theatre productions.  Practical, affordable and serviceable, this Kat certainly does have more than nine lives.  Provided accessories include short tie clip, long tie clip, windscreen, dracula clip, and cable clip.  Also available is the KPS power supply, ensuring the best audio quality from your lavaliere microphone.

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Features Include:

  • Minimum Sound Coloration
  • Closed-top design to minimize popping and breathing noise
  • Extensive range of mounting accessories
  • Mating dracula clip and windscreen for reduced wind noise
  • Serviceability, even if damaged near the head of the microphone
  • Craftsmanship: Hand-made on-site with exacting attention to detail
  • One year limited warranty (parts and labour)

Kat-66 Microphone Specifications

Operating Principle: Electret Condenser

Pattern: Omnidirectional

Frequency Range: 40Hz to 16Khz

Impedence: 3K Ohms

Noise Level: 26 dB (“A” weighted)

Maximum SPL: > 139 dB

Operating Voltage: 1.3V (1 to 20V)

Dimensions: 12.7 mm x 6.8 mm x 4.6 mm

Part Names and Accessories

Kat-66 Microphones

KAT66BNC – Complete KAT66 Kit, c/w: case, mic, tie bar, wind screen and dracula clip. Open-ended (pig tail)

KAT66NCMO – Mic only, no accessories, case or connector

KAT66PS – Hardwired mic with all accessories

KPS Power Supplies

KPSLM – MICRON 8 pin Lemo (8)

KPSLS – Lectrosonics TB5M

KPSAL – Audio LTD 6 pin Lemo (6)

KPSLM6 – Micron 6 pin Lemo for 700 series
KPSHW – Hardwired Power Supply

KAT Accessories

KATWS – Windscreen

KATTB – Tie bar large

KATDC – Dracula clip

KATCS – Case

KATTBCC – Tie bar cable clip

KATTBS – Tie bar small

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