Custom Branded Windscreens

VDB Boom Poles

VDB has more than 15 successful years of supplying the most demanding operators with rigid, light and strong boom poles.  VDB’s six-section boom pole line offers the greatest variation currently available on the market between collapsed and extended lengths, perfectly accommodating the varied needs of users while making travel and storage easier.

VDB poles are precision designed for low self – and handling noise.  Internal cabling and repair are made simple by a releasable top screw common to all models.  All VDB poles can be dismantled without the use of tools for easy cleaning and maintenance on location.

Rigid, Light and Strong.

They benefit from the recent technologies in carbon fibre winding and the experience of fifteen successful years of supplying the most demanding operators.

Greater length from reduced size. The design in six sections offers an increasedlength (greater than currently available), from reduced collapsed size. That allows limiting the range to five models only, perfectly accommodating the
varied needs of users by making travel and storage easier.

Reduced hand noise is due to the polished surface on the outer tube. The five extendable sections come in a dark, non-reflective black finish.

Silent. Between each section, an internal incompressible joint is precision machined, offering the minimum space to achieve a soft slide contributing to the rigidity of the system and preventing the tubes from rattling when rotating or swinging quickly.

Instant optional cabling. Straight or coiled internal microphone cable can be set or removed instantly in all the models without technical intervention.

Discrete marking rings on the tubes of the longest model allow a precise return to a predetermined length setting.

A quick release top screw is common to all the models.

Easy repair even on wired poles. As the internal cable is removable, poles can be dismantled quickly and without the use of tools.

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