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Blueshape Professional and Broadcast Batteries and Chargers

Blueshape engineers high quality lithium ion batteries for V-lock systems, as well as miniature lithium batteries for Panasonic, Sony, JVC and Canon video cameras.  Their batteries have no memory effect, and feature high energy density.  Every battery is made in compliance with international safety standards for pack design, manufacturing, safe usage and transportation. Each battery is accurately tested by state-of-the art computerized machinery before leaving manufacturing.  Every battery is encased in a waterproof and shockproof construction with a strong, fire-retardant external plastic enclosure.

Blueshape batteries also include cell-balancing features implemented to improve and equalize performance, maximize battery life and decrease charge times without efficiency losses.  V-lock style batteries include an accurate 5-LED battery capacity monitor, and are available in 70-210 Wh capacities.

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