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Activity Cancellation Policy

If you choose not to purchase the cancellation insurance and need to cancel: 

  • More than 30 days in advance of your trip date, we retain a $10 per person cancellation fee.
  • 30 days or less in advance of your trip date, you forfeit the entire cost of your trip, unless you have purchased the Cancellation Insurance or have to cancel due to Covid restrictions (see below).

Covid related cancellations made 30 days to 24 hours before your scheduled trip date are ONLY eligible to rebook or receive a credit for the total amount paid. No-shows on the date of the trip or last-minute cancellations are not eligible for a credit. If you would prefer a refund, we encourage you to purchase the Cancellation Insurance.

Transferring Reservations:

All reservations are transferable to another person, but not another date, unless you have purchased Cancellation Insurance. Transferring to another date is the same as canceling.

Cancellation Insurance:

Cancellation insurance allows you to cancel or change the date of your reservation up to 24 hours in advance of your trip. Guests who cancel will receive a full refund minus the cost of the cancellation insurance and processing fee. It must be purchased for the whole group or not at all. No-shows on the date of the trip or last-minute cancellations are not covered by cancellation insurance.

Customers will receive a full refund or credit in case of operator cancellation due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances. Contact us by phone to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. No-shows will be charged the full price.


Lodging Cancellation Policy

We understand that things come up. If you wish to reschedule your reservation you must do so 72 Hours prior to your reservation start time. NO REFUNDS will be issued. You may move your reservation to a different day or get a credit. Which can be used to book a stay at a later date. If you have any questions about your trip, please call our office at (518)325-3200 -or- (413)528-1262.

DAMAGES: Under the title Catamount Mountain Resort, the Pondview and Mountain View Rooms and Catamount Mountain Resort reserve the right to charge you for any damages to the facility/grounds caused by you, or your guests during your stay. Damages include and are not limited to any property owned and maintained by Catamount Mountain Resort. This applies to any damages made to any and all items such as but not limited to; linens, pillows, duvet covers, comforters, sheets, mattresses, bed-frames, headboards, sinks, tables, nightstands, wall paneling, walls, carpeting, flooring, curtains, blinds, interior decor, lamps, shades, bathroom fixtures, kitchen appliances, etc. This also applies to anything that requires excessive cleaning above and beyond our normal process; excessive trash, mud on the walls, etc.



Cancellation Policy

Online tickets, rentals and lessons purchased are date specific and nonrefundable. Tickets and services unable to be used on the designated day of issuance at purchase may be used on another day during the 22/23 winter season. Guests will be responsible for any difference in the ticket price for rescheduled days and a $20 change fee will be applied to each ticket (or once to move an entire online order in need of a change). Rescheduling of tickets and services must take place before the close of business the day prior to the originally purchased day of use by calling 413-518-3200. All unused tickets and services will expire at the end of the 22/23 season.

On Hill and Off Hill Conduct Policies

Guest Standards

The list of standards below is not exhaustive, but they are the most prevalent behaviors that generate guest complaints, dissatisfaction and injury.  These behaviors may result in the loss of ticket or pass from Catamount.

  • Ducking a roped closure
  • Out of control skiing or snowboarding, or the inability to stop or avoid other people or objects.  This constitutes a violation of the Responsibility Code (Please see “Your Responsibility Code” tab on this page.)
  • Reckless and irresponsible skiing or snowboarding including knowing or blatant disregard for the safety of others, and/or showing a lack of concern for the consequences of one’s own actions
  • Malicious, sudden stops that intentionally result in snow spraying other guests
  • Excessive speed in slow zones, congested areas, and at the base of all lifts.   The speed expected is relevant to how many people are on the run, the conditions such as visibility, and/or snow surface quality.  As a general rule, your speed should match that of the flow of traffic.  You should always brake your speed when entering a slow zone, congested area, or a lift base area.
  • Jumping terrain barriers, slow fences and/or ducking of intersection flagging
  • Improper or unsafe trail merging
  • Failure to use a retention device.  Although we don’t require or check to ensure that each skier/snowboarder has a retention device, you are responsible for a run-way ski or snowboard
  • Leaving an accident scene if involved in a collision, except to notify authorities or obtain assistance

Make sure that you are aware of how to load and ride lifts. Secure any and all loose clothing. Wearing a backpack is not recommended.

Off-Hill Conduct

The list of personal conduct standards below is not exhaustive, but they are the most prevalent behaviors that generate guest complaints and dissatisfaction.

  • Please avoid using profanity around others, in particular around families
  • Please do not smoke in crowded public spaces such as lift lines or anywhere within a distance of 50 feet from building entrances or fueling operations.  Smoking on chairlifts is not prohibited but we ask that you honor other guest requests concerning smoking
  • Please focus on loading procedures when in the maze and loading areas.  Guests who exhibit impairment of motor skills from alcohol or other substances will not be allowed to board lifts.  This is for their safety and the safety of others.  Alcohol consumption by guests is not permitted in lift lines and containers must be disposed of before the gantry or 30 feet from the load board
  • Please respect other guests and do not cut/duck into full lift lines/crowded mazes or in front of others, particularly during peak periods
  • Please refrain from throwing snowballs or other items at individuals or property.  In instances where bodily harm or property damage occurs from malicious throwing of snowballs, the guest may also be referred to law enforcement
  • Please do not litter on MMSA property or Forest Service land
  • Please do not use your cell phone beyond the RFID gates or 30 feet from the load board for your own and others safety.  Please focus on loading procedures.

Catamount Ski Area Terrain Access & Uphill Travel Policy

During the winter operating season, guests wishing to access the Catamount Ski Area trail system through skinning and snowshoeing may do so after purchasing an “Uphill Travel” pass or be in possession of a valid season’s pass or day ticket with a complimentary “Uphill Travel” endorsement.  Guests are permitted to skin from dawn to dusk only.  All uphill travel participants are required to sign a release and waiver seasonally. Passes and waivers can be purchased at Customer Service. Guests engaging in uphill travel are encouraged to check a snow report before leaving the base area to become informed of closed terrain or trails and to be made aware of any snowmaking, events, or other operations that may be in progress. Please know that uphill routes may not be patrolled. Uphill Season Pass: $50 Uphill Day Pass: $15 •Access to Catamount Ski Area trails is at your own risk. •Closed trails and terrain parks may not be marked or signed from the bottom, top, or other access points on the trail.

Trails are designed for use by skiers and riders and any form of downhill descent other than skis or snowboard is prohibited.

Sledding or sliding in any form is prohibited. Guests accessing the trail system through uphill travel are asked to stay to the designated side of the trail, wear visible clothing and choose a route that gives downhill traffic the best view of your location.  Be aware of sharp turns and knolls where you may not be in view of downhill traffic.

Guests accessing the Catamount Ski Area trail system must adhere to Your Responsibility Code. Your “Uphill Travel” pass must be worn at all times.

For the safety of our guests, dogs are not allowed to accompany our guests while skinning. This policy may be changed at any time. Participants are responsible for obtaining the most recent uphill policy online at

Uphill Routes 

Both routes are available to uphill skiers during operational hours. Both routes are available to uphill skiers during non operational hours assuming the skier descends during open hours.

Lower Sidewinder > Upper Sidewinder During pre-operational hours, uphill travel is permitted on this trail combination. Downhill travel must occur after ski area has been opened.

During operational hours, uphill travel is permitted on the following routes: Lower Promenade > Upper Promenade > Ridge Run. Stay to uphill travelers left of trail.

Route Details:

Lower Sidewinder > Upper Sidewinder is located to the right of the mountain as you look up from the lodge. To enter trail, proceed through the base area to the space in front of the Glade Chair. Proceed up Lower Sidewinder staying on uphill travelers left of the trail as conditions allow. Uphill travel may continue up Lower Sidewinder to its merge with Upper Sidewinder (bear right at the cell tower). Proceed up the uphill skiers right to the summit. If present, follow uphill trail markers to top of mountain. 

Sunrise > Upper Promenade > Ridge Run is located to the far left of the mountain as you look from the parking lot. Stay to the far uphill skiers left of Sunrise, and proceed to the uphill skiers right of Upper Promenade. As the skier approaches the Meadows triple proceed to Uphill Skiers right of Ridge Run to the Summit.

Uphill Trails

Uphill/Skinning is allowed on the marked (orange shaded) trails.

Drone Policy

Catamount Ski Area prohibits the operation or use of unmanned aerial systems, or aerial drones, by the general public – including recreational users and hobbyists.

This prohibition on drone use extends to any drones launched or operated from Resort property, as well as drones launched from private property outside of the Resort boundaries.

Any violation of this policy may involve suspension of your skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking privileges or the revocation of your season pass, as well as confiscation of any equipment. Violators will be liable for any damages, including but not limited to, physical or personal injuries, property damage, damages for violations of privacy, regulatory fines and legal fees.

In rare cases, drones may be used with written permission from management for special events and promotions.


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